About St.Johns Boats

We are a boatbuilding and repair business in Essex specialising in wooden craft up to about 25 feet in length.

We work with both traditional and modern methods of construction. In addition, we can make timber components and custom joinery for boats of all types including fibreglass.


St.Johns Boats is mostly me – Martin Hargreaves, much of the time I work on my own but bring in help when needed.

St.Johns Boats grew out of a lifelong association with boats and was founded 2014 after I had spent a year at the International Boatbuilding Training College in Lowestoft.

I do a limited amount of off site work but it is usually much more efficient to bring boats into the workshop where there is shelter and light as well as everything needed close at hand.

As a small business, St.Johns Boats can offer a level of flexibility and individual attention that larger organisations struggle to meet.

If you have an idea you want to explore or a problem that needs fixing then get in touch for an inital chat.

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If you are not sure if we can help with the project you have in mind then get in touch and we can talk it through