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St Johns Boats

We are a boatbuilding and repair business in Essex specialising in wooden craft up to about 25 feet in length.
We work with both traditional and modern methods of construction.
In addition, we can make timber components and custom joinery for boats of all types including fibreglass.

Our services include:

New build

Fitting out

Restoration and repairs

Spar building

Laminated foils and tillers

This site will give you an idea of the work we do, so have a look around and if you think we can help, do get in touch.

Latest from the blog:

Schleicher Rhönbussard

In 1937 the Schleicher Rhönbussard was just about the state of the art in gliders. Things have moved on but there is a thriving vintage gliding community in this country and in the rest of Europe. Most of these aircraft were built in a combination of plywood and...

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Wild Goose – Part 2

I am slightly taken aback to discover that Wild Goose has now been in the workshop for nearly three years. To be fair, she was always a side project to be worked on in quieter times and I was away sailing for four months last year. Still, the job continues to move...

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New Boat for Old

The local open boat race fleet is thriving and has reached the point where the doesn't seem to be enough boats to go round. One new boat has been built recently but this is a huge commitment in time and money so people have been looking for easier ways.  As a result...

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