In recent  years the fixed seat rowing boat of choice for the majority of Sea Scouts has been the Trinity 500. The Trinity is moulded plastic and not my sort of boat at all. The builder has ceased trading so a replacement is needed.

Originally designed as a oar and sail boat for a cadet group in Australia, the Kernic from the well known French designer Francois Vivier may be the boat for the job. The design has been adjusted and strengthened for the purpose.

The first UK boat is being build in the North East using a kit of CNC cut plywood parts from Alec Jordan of Jordan Boat. Alec has from on this sort of thing as supplier of kits for the Scottish Coastal Rowing St.Ayles Skiff that has been a huge success.

The Kernic shows great promise as a boat for the Sea Scouts, wouldn’t it be great to see it introducing young people to the undoubted qualities of wood